So this time we have decided to bring it to the next level,

we are doing something that barely anybody around the island could accomplish.
We went to search and select the most unique ingredients, talk with local farmers,
to understand and learn as much as possible about this island culture and cuisine.
Thanks to it we could finally come up with three kind of amazing pizzas, combing the Okinawa ingredients, with the Italian ones.
Creating so a beautiful harmony of flavours.
So you will be able now to choose between three kind of pizzas, all of them with totally different flavours and ingredients that have been carefully selected by our chefs.

The first pizza will be (RAFUTE PIZZA)

Rafute, its a sweet and savory pork belly dish, originally created in China, that has had various incarnations all across Asia and of course also its own in Okinawa, becoming so a traditional dish between locals on the island.
What we are doing here its present it with a twist:
Rafute pork, buffalo cheese, Okinawa Handama salad with Ponzu and Shikwasa dressing.

Second pizza on the list its ( KARASHINA CHAMPURU PIZZA)

This its another really interesting pizza,
based with the famous Karashina leafs, previously cooked with garlic and the famous Okinawa chillies also known between locals as SHIMATOGARASHI,
most popularly used marinated in Awamori and the poured on Okinawa soba.
Then on the Champuru image,
we decided to add Okinawa Agu pork belly with Bismark egg and again our Italian buffalo mozzarella cheese.
At the end the result was amazing, a must if you come to visit us.

Third and final pizza (Goya Champuru)

This one doesn't need to much of an explanation, one of the most traditional and delicious dishes in Okinawa revisited on a Napoli Pizza.
Goya,Tuna fish,onions, raw egg and mozzarella cheese, absolutely amazing.

This one its one of the most challenging mix of flavours i have ever trued.
Goya, Tuna, Pineapple and Katsuobushi.
Its says to be a traditional dish from  the south coast of the island, super local it is a recipe that a farmer from the famous JA farmers market, taught to us.
An amazingly flavoured pizza that cannot get more traditional.


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