Today's topic is gonna be "HOW WE MAKE NAPOLI PIZZA"

Here at our pizzeria bar Ariccia we use really simple ingredients , and always try to create the best and most traditional dishes out of them.
As for "simplicity ", almost nothing can beat Napoli pizza, simple and delicious.

One of the most important things we have in our restaurant its of course our Napoli style pizza oven .

 Wood fired and amazingly built its the pride and soul of our pizzeria , going over 400 degrees it can bake perfectly our pizzas in a matter of seconds.

As most of the people know, in Naples there is a long history of artisans that have been hand making Pizza oven fro generations.
I personally strongly think that, long history in creating something, brings human being to be close to perfection in everything they are doing.
So in this case , i think that Napoli style Pizza ovens, are , in now days, close to perfect, and absolutely unbeatable in matter of how they can maintain the exact temperature and moist, to create the ultimate product, a perfect cooked Napoli pizza

Also our oven was hand made from the notorious "ACUNTO MARIO NAPOLI" company.A 3 generations experienced, traditional Napoli wood fired oven maker. Not second to anyone, was directly sent from Italy to Okinawa and then placed and tiled up We knew already at the time that without a doubt our oven would have become, in the early future, the main attraction of our restaurant.

In a matter of few weeks, our oven was finally ready and fired up to create amazing pizzas.

Passion and precision of our staff, its always amazing, all trained everyday , to improve and get better and better, thank to the wonderful work of our Manager< that with great patience, love and passion for this work, constantly is looking to improve the place always focusing to the final goal, which is to create the ultimate Italian pizzeria in Okinawa.

Our trained staff, are already pretty amazing in doing pizzas!



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