" PIZZA DOUGH "

                                  On the today's page we are going to, briefly show you, how we make our dough.
                                                                     Simple Napoli way can't mistake it.

Step 1) 

When you are doing pizza or some other kind of bread, the main ingredient you are gonna use it's Flour.
So for that reason you want to make sure you are going to use a good quality one, that is going to give you better results at the end and a way better flavour and fragrance.

A pretty good and easy to find brand could be CAPUTO, this is by far one of the most famous and most widely used flour all over the world. 
You can basically find it everywhere.
If you can't actually find it web sites as Amazon or E-bay might help out.
If you are lazy about it then just try to find a good quality flour in your local grocery store, just make sure that its for baking bread and that it has a pretty hight protein quantity level.
This last one will determinate the actual quality of the flour, and so final result and taste.


Flour:           800  gr
Dry yeast:    3      gr      
Cold water:  500  gr
Salt              10    gr

First things first you want to make sure you have all the ingredients in front of you before starting mixing together everything.
Keep in mind that this step its really important, because it will make it difficult to mistake or forget any ingredient.


The next move will be pouring the flour into a bowl or container, or what ever you are using, together with the yeast.
As shown in the picture.


Next we are going to start mixing up with the water, you can do this just mixing up by hand or if you have a small spiral machine even better.
When the mixture arrive to the consistence shown in the picture, and gluten starts to build up, pour in also the salt.
and continue to mix up until the dough becomes, elastic and smooth.

At the end of the process you should be able to have a mass that its not sticky at all and easy to maneuver. 

An easy way to understand when your dough is done is to check the container where you are working in, it should                                                            become nice and clean with almost no flour sticking on it.


Once the dough its done leave it for about 30 min to rest , if you are in a cold environment keep it up to one hour at room temperature , on the other way round if you are in a really hot and humid environment 20 minutes will be fine.

Once the dough its done cut it up in to pieces, 200 grams will make how you are going to have a 30 cm pizza. 

Once you have cut your pieces just try to follow the steps in the pictures below and make your pizza balls.

One really important thing its to tight up really firmly your balls so that the dough its going to rise properly.


Once you have made your balls, place them in a container covered , and place them in the fridge over night.
The next day take them out one or two hours before baking them, they will need to raise a little more until becoming nice and soft and about twice the original size.

At this point stretch you pizzas and make it happen!


Here its also a really quick demonstration video on how to stretch a pizza.


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