Autumn is coming at our pizzeria

Autumn is coming also in this small Tropical island!
Have to say, its actually one of my favourite seasons of the year, this is actually a period when things start to get exiting! 
I really love the vegetables and fruits that you can find from this time of the year.
Here at our place we don't lose any time and started immediately with a brand new " Monthly pizza" with Pumpkin, homemade sausages and smoke cheese. Simple and absolutely amazing!

Pumpkin, smoke cheese, homemade Italian 

When i think about the Autumn season, it always reminds me of how beautiful the nature becomes, with all his amazing colors it changes drastically and becomes even more beautiful.

I guess thats why you also get the best products from it.
Here at our place we like to change every season so that you never get bored about our menu, and try to find the best way to excite you with new vibrant dishes.
Like our all new PUMPKIN RISOTTO WITH PORCINI MUSHROOMS AND TALEGGIO, a classic on Italian tables during this period of the year.

Our chefs are working hard every day to create the best product 
and delight you everyday with new vibrant seasonal Italian dishes.
For this season we created the new "Fish Pot".
Traditionally from the south of Italy a soup with sea food and salmon, an amazing "ever green" dish superbly nailed at our shop.


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