When we first thought about this restaurant, the first thing we really wanted to make sure, was that this place should be for the widest possible range of customers.
We really wanted to make how, that , even the Okinawa local people would be able to enjoy quality time in a beautiful environment, while discovering how good and simple real Italian food could get, and how affordable can it be.

Normally to have a good real Napoli style Pizza, outside of Italy, it would get pretty expensive, for obvious reasons, but not this time.
It took almost a year of hard work and passion from our team to finally create an amazing place for everyone.

Our team has managed to collect the best ingredients, to create the closest possible "Italian experience" that you can have in Okinawa.


  1. One of the best pizzas ever consumed!!! But not only, the Italian cuisine is excellent with a variety of pasta and main dishes from the various regions of Italy! A 'must' if you are visiting Okinawa or even living there!!!


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